This application development contest is designed to enable developers build outstanding applications that would promote our indegenious languages, cultures and etiquettes by embedding Linguo API into their applications (along with other APIs)

Important Notices

  1. Be as natural as you could be. Linguo is a proprietary API. Applications developed for the purpose of this contest must be able to retain Linguo copyright terms and conditions. Therefore, you should be cautious of what third party libraries you use for the purpose of this contest.

  2. There are three categories in this contest namely: Desktop, Mobile and Others. We will not discriminate the platforms on which you build your application for this contest. This implies that your choice between building on Microsoft Windows OS or Apple MacOS for the Desktop Category does not affect our selection process. Your ideas, craftmanship and product are what we seek.

  3. Submitted applications in each category would be filtered into three outstanding ones and would then be posted separately on our social pages. The post with the highest cummulative number of likes wins the contest for that particular category

  4. A temporary API access would be made freely available to all the contestants as soon as the contest starts. This API access would last long enough for its purpose and would be discontinued as soon as the contest is over.

  5. The prizes to be won by the winners would be disclosed before the contest officially commences.

  6. The application that won the contest in each category would be launched as Linguo Official Application in their respective category on Linguo Official Launching Date.


  1. There is no compensation in any way for any monetary charges you incurred while building the application for this contest